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To understand Frillstyle, we should start by defining a frill. The most common definition is the following:

Frill \frīl’\

An unnecessary extra feature or embellishment.

This dictionary definition suggests that frills are not needed.  We disagree. Frills are necessary for any lifestyle. Do you want it? Definitely!  Can you live without it? Perhaps, but your life would be so much better with it. For that reason, we don’t like the word unnecessary; we believe any additional feature that will enhance the quality of a product, service or experience is deemed necessary. Our definition of frill is:

An essential ingredient leading to ultimate satisfaction.

Now take our definition and apply it to a lifestyle. The result is frillstyle – a more desirable way to live.

It is our belief that high-living is something for everyone to enjoy. If frills are essential to making things optimal, why settle for less? Frillstyle is about wanting more. It’s about a lifestyle we all deserve.

For a frillstyle to come to fruition, it has to start with you. Recognizing that we are all different, the first step is to find your current frill level.

The Habitual:  A typical person who is content with their predictable lifestyle. We think these people have a frillseeker side they just haven’t discovered yet!

Characteristics: These individuals are living safe, secure, and routine lifestyles

The Frillseeker: A person who wishes to upgrade their current lifestyle

Characteristics: These individuals have a vision for the type of enhanced lifestyle they want, but are uncertain how to achieve it. Their actions might be limited as a result of uncertainty.

The Frillstyler: A person who enjoys embellishments leading to a more desirable lifestyle

Characteristics: These individuals want more and actively take the necessary steps to enjoy an upgraded lifestyle

Deep inside, most of us are frillseekers.  We encourage you to move to the next level and become a frillstyler. The reality is you only live once and you need to make it count. Our advice to you is to step out of the norm, unleash your imagination and let it run free. You have nothing to lose in reaching for the life your dreams; don’t regret the frills you didn’t try. To learn more about The Frillstyle, visit us at

Written by — April 28, 2016 — Frillstyle

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