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Some say a self-indulgent lifestyle can’t be enjoyed on a daily basis
We disagree

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Next level lifestyle management

Frillstyle is a lifestyle management group. Small enough to offer personal assistance, but sophisticated enough to know luxury. Our consultants, known as Frillstylers, use a customized approach to travel, access to worldwide events, and unique experiences that complement a lifestyle you can identify with.

We make it personal

Above all, luxury is unique. The expression of your taste. Your identity. Your wishes. Your desires. Our Frillstylers are passionate about providing individualized services you deserve by bringing quality and style to your requests.

Enjoy the best in life

Frillstyle Services

Experience the thrill of Frillstyle

Our custom services deliver the key ingredients to the creation of an exclusive,
unique, and luxurious lifestyle:

The very best in travel

Explore the world. Journey to exotic destinations. Relax and indulge. Enjoy travel in a whole new way.

Unique experiences

Inside-access to the extraordinary. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Check items off your bucket list with our help.

The extra frills

Enjoying just a slice of luxury is unacceptable. We deliver the whole pie: all the frills.

Corporate Services

Efficient, effective, and accommodating. Travel policies, business events, and meetings.


Exclusively at your service

Business or pleasure, our Private Membership and Corporate Services cater to your lifestyle, your personal requirements, and your preferred level of assistance.

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