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What We Offer

We provide anything and everything our clients need to achieve the luxury lifestyle they desire.

Our list of services is broad so it’s not easy to narrow it down to a simple (and boring!) bullet point list. It’s easier to tell you that we are not your normal, boring lifestyle concierge and no-frills is not part of our vocabulary. (It’s in the name after all!)

We offer something bigger. Something better. Something that reflects your individuality and tastes – at the best value for your money.

The list below is JUST A SLIVER of the services we can provide.


We leverage our global network and affiliations to deliver the most competitive rates:

  • for airlines, hotels, cruise lines and other service providers.
  • along with additional perks and benefits (of course!).

Our Frillstylers can also handle your itinerary down to the smallest of details, including restaurant bookings, tickets to Broadway shows, spa days, and much, much more.

Whether on business or on holiday, all you have to do is provide the basic information – let us handle the rest.

Corporate Services

Frillstyle works with small businesses to assist with their travel management programs while focusing on cost savings. We take pride in providing white glove attention to service and detail and this is exemplified in some of our highlights which include:

  • Air, hotel, car reservations.
  • Contract negotiations with suppliers.
  • Development of corporate travel policies and expense guidelines.
  • Credit card reconciliation.
  • First-class reporting programs.

Whether your business requires assistance with a customized travel policy, needs a well-planned meeting that organizes time managed programs and cuts needless expenditures, or simply wants to reward its employees for a job well done - Frillstyle has you covered.

Unique Experiences

Tell us what you want to experience. We can organize anything from private tours and culinary journeys to VIP access and once-in-a-lifetime experiencess.

The Extra Frills

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

We take splurging up a notch. We can assist with private jet charters, yacht and villa rentals, exotic car leases, and access to any luxury you want to enjoy.

We're in the business of having fun. Step out of the norm – treat yourself to Frillstyle!

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